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☀ I will only start working after receiving the payment.
☀ I have all the rights to reject your commission if any situation arise.
☀ All payments can be made via Kofi or Paypal in GBP unless stated otherwise.
☀ All price below is for personal use only. For any commercial purposes, please contact me via DM in Twitter or Toyhouse.
☀ Please be patient! If you need your work to be done at a specific date you may specify it in the order form!


YCH Chibi Icon
15 GBP / 5 Kofi


Sketch Chibi Head
18 GBP / 6 Kofi


Full Cell Shade Coloured Sketch Headshot
30 GBP / 10 Kofi


Full Soft Shade Coloured Sketch Headshot
36 GBP / 12 Kofi


( Made with Carrd )